Mrs Goss

My name is Mrs Goss. I work as a Learning Support Assistant and cover supervisor across the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2.  I have worked in education since 2006.

I love helping children succeed and progress in their learning. I really enjoy working with pupils, especially when they are conquering new and unfamiliar territory. Welsh language is one of the things I enjoy the most when working with children.

Reading is my passion and I use every opportunity to pass this passion onto children by encouraging them to explore a variety of reading materials.

I was recently nominated for the South Wales Argus Schools and Education Award - I am overwhelmed to announce that I have won the Early Years Education category for the 2nd time running. 

My motivation working in education comes from when I first came to live in Wales, my daughter was 6 and she couldn’t speak a word of English. If it wasn’t for the help of staff in her school, she (and us as a family) wouldn’t be where we are today. Up until my arrival into the UK, I worked for United Nations in Croatia during a civil war in the former Yugoslavia and saw how it affected every section of society, including children, their childhoods and joy of going to school. Upon arriving to Wales I attended the local primary school daily with my daughter for the first three months (until language support became available for her) and this is where I decided I wanted to work in education. The staff in my daughter’s school was extremely supportive towards her and us as a family. My daughter has gone onto getting a university degree and lives and works in London now. I believe that none of this would’ve happen if we didn’t have the support we had in her primary school.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that what motivates me in my work is making school light hearted and joyful for children, and the importance that we as practitioners play in the lives of the children and their families. From the moment they set foot into school for the first time and are thrown into a big world, which can seem bewildering for some (grown ups and kids alike!), until they’re ready to move on. I want to be the best I can be for them and see the best in every single one of them, so that in some small way I can return the goodness and kindness that we’ve had received as a family all those years ago. 


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